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Understanding Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage

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Congratulations to all who have completed the program.

The 3 interns (based on the submitted assignments and I know who used ChatGPT 😁) will have the opportunity to get a letter of recommendation.

Additionally, 5 interns have the opportunity to avail a free ACS Membership (will share details via email).

Subbashini Subramanian
Balkaran Singh Sran

Hi All,

Thank you for showing your interest in the Virtual Internship Capsule.

The program ends today and we will be issuing the certificates starting April 23rd to April 25th. 

While there is an option to download your certificate from the platform directly, I can see some you have misspelled your login names which result in an incorrect certificate. 

Hence, I request you all to kindly fill in your details carefully -

Request you to enter these details carefully as No further requests for change in certificates would be entertained. 

It will be really helpful if you could help finding the download option

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